Tesla Car Charger
17Feb, 23 February 17, 2023EV Charging points
  • By Caroline McNally

Many owners of electric cars know that if you do not own a Tesla, you cannot charge your car at a Tesla charging station. In 2021 Elon Musk, The CEO of Tesla, announced that Tesla had plans to open its charging network to other vehicles but offered limited details. Tesla is known for having a proprietary charging network of over 17,500 chargers that only supports Tesla vehicles. As of current, Tesla may be forced to open its charging stations to all electric vehicles sooner than they had planned.  

The White House has just released a statement that Tesla will open some of its charging networks to other electric vehicles. While Tesla has remained quiet on the release of this news, the White House has released plenty of information. According to the White House’s statement, Tesla will be eligible for billions of federal dollars in exchange for a national network of electric car chargers. For federal funding to come through for Tesla, it would need to open all existing charging networks to make it work. Musk, prior to 2021, had no intentions of making this change to Tesla’s charging network, but has already agreed to rethink due to financial incentives.  

Tesla, when first selling electric vehicles, had incentives from the US government that lowered the prices of the EV’s for consumers that applied until Tesla had sold 200,000 cars. As Tesla has surpassed the sale of 200,000 cars, they are searching for more ways to make its cars more competitive against other electric vehicles. Tesla, originally, did not have much competition in the electric car market as they were the only luxury brand electric car. As competing luxury electric vehicles have entered the market, many Tesla owners have been disappointed in the quality of Tesla’s electric cars compared to its counterparts. With the slowing rate of Tesla’s being purchased, Musk is looking for alternative avenues for revenue stream.  

Tesla, according to the White House, has already agreed to this change on condition of operating a pilot test on destination chargers and some highway chargers before fully committing to the government. For this idea to become an effective reality, Tesla would need to open and re-engineer all its existing charging infrastructure to accommodate all brands electric vehicles and build many more chargers with the government’s funding.  

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