Tesla Car ChargerEV Charging points
17Feb, 23/ 0 views

Tesla Chargers set to Expand to non-Tesla Vehicles

Many owners of electric cars know that if you do not own a Tesla, you cannot charge your car at a Tesla charging station. In 2021 Elon Musk, The CEO of Tesla, announced that Tesla had plans to open its charging network to other vehicles but offered limited details. Tesla is known for having a proprietary charging network of over 17,500 chargers tha …

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DC Fast ChargersEV Charging points
10Feb, 23/ 0 views

EV Charging Levels Explained

Choosing the type of electric car charging infrastructure that fits best for you or your business can be an intimidating process with numerous options and types to choose from. However, it does not need to be that complicated and can be simplified into three different types of chargers based on their level of power output. In this blog we will delv …

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Lohner-Porsche Mixte- The first Hybrid VehicleElectric cars
06Jan, 23/ 0 views

The Testament of Time, 194 Years of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are a trending topic as federal and state mandates, federal funding, and rebates have been put in place to propel the electric vehicle market into a sustainable future. With electric vehicles’ futuristic connotation and renewable energy usage it may come as a surprise that electric vehicles have been around since 1828. Today, elec …

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Electric_Vehicle_Charging_Station_CityBattery Technology
30Nov, 22/ 0 views

Will Electric Vehicles become More Affordable?

Electric Vehicle Batteries are considered one of the most expensive parts of an electric vehicle due to their scarcity and price of mining the minerals needed to make the battery. As a result, electric vehicles are often more expensive than internal combustion engine vehicles. In addition, with current political and economic issues, mining for nick …

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Maverick-EV-Services-Team-EV-Summit-2022Maverick News
14Nov, 22/ 0 views

Maverick Electric Vehicle Services attends the EV Summit 2022

On November 9th, Maverick Electric Vehicle Services attended the 7th annual EV Summit at the RDS, Dublin. The event brought together 600 key influencers and change-makers from the EV sector in Ireland to discuss the future of electric vehicles and the rapid shift to e-mobility. The conference and exhibition gave attendees the opportunity to meet fa …

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Electric-Vehicle-And-ChargerElectric cars
28Oct, 22/ 0 views

Electric Vehicle Sales Hit New Record for Q3 2022

Electric Vehicles have become a valuable commodity as sales for the vehicles have risen 68% in the last year. In quarter three of 2021 sales for electric vehicles were at 122,744 units sold, while this year’s third quarter sales have topped that at 205,682 units sold, as reported by Kelley Blue Book team of Cox Automotive. Rising sales in elec …

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