18Aug, 22 August 18, 2022Maverick News
  • By Caroline McNally

Maverick Electric Vehicle Services, a division of Maverick Corporation, completed the installation of the Direct Current (DC) fast charger at the Madison Connecticut service station last month in record time of just 15 days from start to finish. 

Maverick and Applegreen Electric recently made convenience a reality for those traveling through or living near Madison, Connecticut. By meshing innovation and efficiency, the new DC fast charger will allow electric vehicle users to charge their car quickly while driving through for travel or just using for convenience purposes. 

The new DC fast charger can charge your car up to 80% in just 20 to 30 minutes with a capability of charging at 350 kilowatts. This takes away the hassle of sitting at a service station for up to an hour or two waiting for your car to charge. It makes the idea of using your electric vehicle for a road trip a reality with the ability to quickly charge up and continue on your journey. 

In celebration of the challenging work put into procuring and installing the charger, Maverick participated in the grand opening at the service station. In high spirits, many Connecticut dignitaries, Applegreen CEO Eugene Moore, and VP of Maverick Electric Vehicle Services John Garrett were all present.  

“Without the support and the culmination of arduous work from Applegreen Partners, Eversource, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the 15-day implementation would not have been possible.” said John Garrett Vice President of Maverick EV Services. Our Engineers and Crews are extremely experienced in the installation of electric vehicle infrastructure and have done an amazing job. 

Striving to interconnect accessibility, convenience, and sustainability is what Maverick continues to do while staying true to core values of safety, quality, integrity, and excellence.  

For more information on how we can help you with your EV Charging Infrastructure project, contact us at sales@maverickcoporation.com.