Project Spotlight: Harvard Faculty EV Lot

Sustainable Mobility in Academia

Harvard University proudly announces the successful completion of a transformative project – the installation of 20 Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in the Faculty parking lot. This forward-thinking initiative solidifies Harvard’s commitment to sustainability, providing a crucial infrastructure that supports cleaner and greener transportation within the academic community.

The newly installed EV chargers not only facilitate the transition towards cleaner energy but also encourage faculty members, students, and staff to embrace eco-friendly commuting options, reinforcing a culture of responsible and conscientious living within the Harvard community.

Multi-faceted Objectives

  1. Strategic Integration: Strategically place 20 EV chargers throughout the Faculty parking lot to ensure convenient access for professors, researchers, and staff, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles.
  2. Advanced Technology: Implement cutting-edge charging technology, providing fast and efficient charging capabilities to accommodate the busy schedules of faculty members.
  3. Energy Sustainability: Align with Harvard’s commitment to sustainability by incorporating renewable energy sources to power the EV chargers, minimizing the environmental impact of the charging infrastructure.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Develop a user-friendly interface for the charging stations, integrating convenient payment options to enhance the overall user experience for faculty members.
  5. Educational Outreach: Include an educational component, offering informational materials and workshops to faculty members, promoting awareness and understanding of sustainable transportation options.

Goals met despite challenges faced.

  1. Logistics and Site Management: Coordinating the installation of 20 EV chargers in a bustling Faculty parking lot required meticulous planning to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of both workers and users.
  2. Technological Integration: Implementing cutting-edge technology demanded a thorough integration process to ensure seamless functionality and user-friendly interactions with the charging stations.
  3. Educational Adoption: Encouraging faculty members to embrace electric vehicles required a concerted effort in educational outreach, emphasizing the long-term benefits of sustainable transportation.


Harvard University celebrates the successful implementation of 20 EV chargers in the Faculty parking lot, marking a milestone in its commitment to sustainability. This project stands as a testament to Harvard’s dedication to leading environmental initiatives in academia, setting an example for institutions worldwide.

Other Notable Projects

EV Charging Installer Near Me

Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Maverick lent their expertise in the design, build, and installation of a new 250-port EV charging hub for this global biopharmaceutical company in Waltham, MA.

This new EV Charging Hub is the largest of its kind on the East Coast and has provided employees with access to 450+ parking spaces connected to this cutting-edge charging network. A total of 125 dual-port Level 2 charging stations were installed at the site, with Maverick performing all of the Make-Ready preconstruction work for the project.

EV Charger Construction Boston

Boston Properties - Tracer Lane

This was the first site completed for Boston Properties in Waltham MA from a total of 13 locations in various stages of design and construction. Due to the success of this rollout Boston Properties have committed to electrifying 5% of all their facilities parking spaces by end of 2023.

EV Charger Construction Near Me

Cape Air

Maverick successfully completed two separate EV sites for Cape Air at Barnstable Airport back in 2020. Since this Cape Air have announced they are investing in a fully electric fleet of planes with their plans to have the first aircraft entering service in 2023.

EV Charging Installer Near Me

CCRTA- Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority

During 2019 Maverick installed a total of 20 Level 2 charging ports at 2 separate locations at CCRTA Barnstable MA as part of a total redevelopment of their facilities. These additions have been a real success and have enhanced the entire experience of Park & Ride.

EV Charging Installer Boston

Berkshire Medical

Berkshire Medical was one of the earliest projects completed by Maverick as part of the Eversource EV Make-ready program. The initial site included 1 dual port charger and this site can easily be expanded to a total of 10 ports as the cabinet and the electric supply were designed for future proofing.


Town of Medway

I had a great experience working with Maverick during the installation process for our new EV charging stations. Diarmuid would update me regularly on the progress of the install and kept in great communication over the course of the project. If I ever had questions, he provided me with answers in a timely manner. It was a seamless experience overall, and we are very pleased with the end result.

Scott Swiniarski, CCRTA

It was an amazing experience working with Maverick Construction. Eric was on top of everything and very professional with everything he and his workers did. We are more than happy with the final result and look forward to completing the project. Thanks for everything.

Trust Maverick for Your EV Project

Front End Engineering and Analysis

Analyzing proposed construction zone and engineering of proposed infrastructure placement

Incentive / Rebates identification and management

Identifying how you can best use state and federal rebates to optimize infrastructure and decrease cost

Site Design and Permitting

Design of build site and submittal of permits for proposed construction

Construction and Operational Handover

Construction of infrastructure and once completed a full handover of all operation of infrastructure to client.

Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring

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