01Apr, 22 April 1, 2022Maverick News
  • By Maverick Electric Vehicle Services

Maverick Electric Vehicle Services is recognized and awarded by Eversource for their outstanding work in Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure.  

In March 2022 Eversource released its inaugural excellence award winners in which Maverick was awarded the 2021 excellence award for EV infrastructure. Throughout the last 26 years Maverick has prided itself on its commitment to safety, quality, integrity, and excellence. This award is an honor to win as Maverick has strived to offer the best in EV infrastructure as the EV market has been growing and ever changing.  

“These awards celebrate 10 truly remarkable business partners that were focused on delivering energy efficiency solutions, achieving excellence while helping customers save money and reduce energy use” said Eversource Vice President of Energy Efficiency Tilak Subrahmanian. “We are proud to recognize this fantastic work and hope that it inspires many others to embrace the many benefits of energy efficiency, providing cost savings while working towards a sustainable future.” 

Maverick EV Services Engineering Team

With the increased demand for EV infrastructure, Maverick has expanded its services in the EV sector. Our turn-key approach to EV charging infrastructure includes Consulting and Feasibility Studies, Engineering and Design, Construction and Activation, as well as ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring. 

Maverick EV Services has a dedicated team of individuals who exclusively focus on Electric Vehicle infrastructure and supporting our clients to navigate the process of implementing an EV program. Our commitment to excellence combined with our decades of experience in electrical infrastructure sets us apart from the rest.  

“We would like to thank Eversource for choosing Maverick EV Services as the recipient of this prestigious Energy Excellence Award for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure. A special thanks goes to our team of Project Managers, Engineers, Designers, and Electrical Workers for their dedicated commitment to making Maverick EV Services the premier turn-key provider of Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure in the United States.” 

Diarmuid Clancy, President of Maverick Electric Vehicle Services. 

As a company, we are honored to have been included and awarded this prestigious award alongside so many other leaders in the industry. We look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with Eversource and maintaining our commitment to excellence in all that we do.  

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