Maverick EV Fleet Electrification Program

Maverick Electric Vehicle Services simplifies the electrification of your Electric Vehicle Fleet by offering turnkey solutions for Fleet Electrification. Maverick Electric Vehicle Services works with you and your Utility Company to meet your needs while managing everything from consulting to post-construction & maintenance and monitoring.

Fleet EV Services Company

Why Electrify?

The world of EV is forever changing, especially as of recent. Deloitte estimates that an estimated 5.1 million EV cars will be sold in 2030. The United States federal government has also imposed rules and regulations regarding Electric Vehicles. President Biden has signed an executive order that half of all vehicles sold in 2030 must be electric. With this upcoming executive order coming into effect, there must be infrastructure for all these electric vehicles, like gas station infrastructure. Working with Maverick to create infrastructure for your electric vehicle fleet provides efficiency and convenience for your fleet. The electric vehicle market is increasing in size and functionality, increasing the benefits including less money spent on gas, lower carbon emissions and EV rebates provided by the US federal government.

The Benefits of Converting Your Fleet Vehicles to EV

Fleet electrification offers a multitude of benefits that aids the earth and your interests. Fleet Electrification offsets carbon emissions released by non-electric vehicles creating a cleaner environment. Additionally, while decreasing the money spent on gas and diesel-run fleets. With multiple rebate programs both state and federally adopted, infrastructure for fleet services is abnormally inexpensive as of current. Intertwining social consciousness and cost-effectiveness can be difficult, but with fleet electrification it is easy.

Things to Consider

When looking at how to electrify your fleet, or if it is the best option for you, it is important to consider all possibilities and routes to achieve fleet electrification. Whether it is a right fit for you or not it is important to consider where your company will be in 2030, how it will adopt to executive orders of electrification for 2030, expenses of Electric Vehicle infrastructure, the offset of gas costs and the time it will take to complete the construction and installation of the infrastructure. When looking at all of these topics it is best to look at how you see your company progressing through electrification of vehicles, and how you can succeed in the wave of fleet electrification and new EV car sales.

Start Your Fleet Electrification Journey

Maverick Electric Vehicle Services has a comprehensive approach which allows us to encompass a wide range of services from management of incentives and rebates, site design and engineering, construction through maintenance and monitoring. Rather than working with several companies, when you work with Maverick EV Services, we guide you through the process from start to finish.

Trust Maverick for Your Fleet Electrification

Front End Engineering and Analysis

Analyzing proposed construction zone and engineering of proposed infrastructure placement

Incentive / Rebates identification and management

Identifying how you can best use state and federal rebates to optimize infrastructure and decrease cost

Site Design and Permitting

Design of build site and submittal of permits for proposed construction

Construction and Operational Handover

Construction of infrastructure and once completed a full handover of all operation of infrastructure to client.

Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring

24/7/365 maintenance